Jonathan Frigeri

Category: Performance

The matter of radio


Radio is one of the most powerful and appropriate extensions of the human nervous system, it is a direct connection and a private experience but in reality it is a subliminal resonant room. From the subliminal deepness of the radio comes this Echo, an echo that has the power to transform the society in a unique reverberant room or a reverberant cave. We can approach the theory of the radio with a speleological perspective and perceive the radio as “the cave of the imaginary”. Read more >>

Drive in Radio


This project is about the exploration of places; the ritual in part forgotten and the new one that aggregates “different communities” (the young, the old, those who left, those who returned, those who never left). The inhabitants of a small village in South Italy are invited to come with their car in the central square of the village where a live radio show is broadcasted troughs an FM emitter. The sound and the voice of the show come out exclusively from the loudspeaker of each car, every spectator became a part of the show, became a speaker. The radio show, composed with the participation of a writer and another sound artist, is about stories related to the point of view of the audience when is seated on the car. It is about collective memories and disappearances, beliefs and ghosts. Read more >>

Mysteries of the ether

COM foto GELUID Showcase Emerging Sound ©Joeri Thiry, STUK - Huis voor Dans, Beeld & Geluid-42

Jonathan Frigeri, lets his mind blow out in all directions about the mysteries of the ether. He plays with old radios, tapes, balloons and wires. He gets lost  over albatrosses and dedicates the viewer as a shaman in the role of radio in times of war and peace. An associative auditory trip. Read more >>

Radio Concert


Tension between; the invisible radio wave present in the ether used to create music and the human voice recorded on tape and sent in the ether using balloons.
Matter of radio concert. Using radio wave

Éphiphanie de connexion


C’est dans cet espace, du rien, entre le lieu de diffusion et le lieu de réception que cette histoire se formule, prend forme ou se déforme. Un espace intangible dans lequel on peut y accéder par l’ouïe, un lieu d’écoute acousmatique, d’absence et d’effacement, une négation depuis laquelle quelque chose d’autre peut émerger par l’incitation de l’imagerie sonore. On peut situer ces divagations de pensée sous une forme hybride et, proche de l’idée d’une excursion désorientée dans les territoires spectraux. Read more >>

On Air


The music on the radio is background and must support an existing structure and leave space for discussion, other sounds, other sound events. Une musique d’habillement that is not invasive and that allows other things to exist.
The radio imposes a passive aspect of listening, unlike the cd or the vinyl, which requires us to be operators in addition to listeners. The music that comes out of the radio does not depend on our will, we can only decide to listen or not to listen, but the listening in itself largely preserves the characteristic of an event whose programming is entirely under our control. It is the music that comes to us and not us who go to the music. Read more >>

Ritual Lecture


The product of this research is a performance / conference in which ideas are shared with the public. We can situate these divagations of thought, in a hybrid form, halfway between the fantastic tale, a scientific experiment, a history of ideas around the radio medium and a gradual transition to the occult. A ritual is set up to give the listeners an unprecedented experience of hypnosis, magic, witchcraft, and go on to progress towards a more collective form of communion. Read more >>