Jonathan Frigeri

Éphiphanie de connexion

The work aims to explore the idea of connection and provide keys to be more aware of our entourage, above all, the invisible and inaudible one. It is this, in between two states of consciousness, like the bardo or the hypnagogia or the trance, where we can also locate the radio transmission. What forces are hidden behind the electromagnetic world and what is its relationship with altered states, the trance? Could the radio be an enchantment tool used as an oracle to connect subconsciousness with unknown forces and reach ecstatic states? Are these dimensions parallel to our visible world?


Location: Gallerie de l’ERG, Brussels
Event: Cabinet de curiosités économiques
Material: Radio, Loop Antenna, Crystal Radio, Tape, Pick Up, Balloons, Light
Date: February.2019
Authors: Jonathan Frigeri
Tag: #Radio Magic #Performance #Lecture

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