Jonathan Frigeri

Radio Works

Radio Art

This hour is dedicated to the cult of connection; allowing listeners, through an initiation rite, to connect to the invisible forces of radio waves. The dance of the spirit will give rise to disembodiment in order to reach the land of voices and travel in a space parallel to our perceptions.
Produced and broadcasted by Oscillation-Mayday Radio Marathon / Q-O2 Brussels
radio-incantationLength: 60min
Languages: English
Tags: Radio Art, Ritual
Year: 2020


It was and remains necessary to see the radio not only as a medium but also as art. Radio art is dis- cordant with radio and music in their traditional perceptions. Music in particular, in its classical dif- fusion, does not adapt efficiently to the radio medium, because it is not designed for this medium and does not take into consideration its specificity and its paradigm.
A series of concerts conceived for the radio and transmitted exclusively on the radio.
Produced by Radio Picnic

floLength: Series
Languages: English
Tags: Radio Art, Music
Year: 2018


A collective memory investigation by Jonathan Frigeri & Selene Mauvis

Collective memory is this set of memories of an experience lived and / or mythologized by a living collectivity of identity in which the feeling of the past is an integral part.
Radio souvenir is an investigation of this collective memory, in this specific case, radio memory. Eighteen people recount their personal memories linked to the radio, the radio as an object, as a situation, as a relation, as an idea, as a game, as a therapy, as a dream, as an education, as a function, as a transcendence.

First Episode
Radio portrait made with the memory of Aless, Caroline, Vera, Christophe, Victor, Ychaï, Eleonora, Pauline, Franco, Vincent, Jole, Paul, Izabella, Héloïse, Arthur, Electra, Susie, Aline.
radio-souvenirLength: 28min
Languages: French, Italian, German, Polish
Year: 2018


Bardocasting consider the space between the transmitter and the receiver. The suspended area between here and there.

Transmitting from Radio Picnic Brussels – Receiving at Städlin, Rome
Multipoint Showreel #1 presented by NOW
hosted by Female Cut


Length: 60min
Languages: Noise
Year: 2017


Radio Drama

Le 7 juillet 2017, moi-meme accompagne’ du Docteur Kawai, nous parcourrions de nos voix cette partie du monde ou la legende scientifique veut y cacher le yeti cosmique. C’est un pays vaste ou les avventuriers s’osent et s’abiment depuis sa decouverte. Ils n’y laissent cependant pas leur peau puisque leur peau n’a pas acces a ce monde fait d’ondes et de vibrations……
David Liver & Jonathan Frigeri
Length: 26’23 min
Language: italiano, français
Tags: écriture radiophonique, impro
Year: 2017


Io non compro più speranza è un dramma musicale a puntate. Basato sulla vera storia di un poeta improvvisato copywriter per guadagnarsi da vivere. Ognuna delle capsule sonore lo vede alle prese con la scrittura pubblicitaria radiofonica, costretto ad un ritmo di produzione vertiginoso proporzionale solo al valore di questi spots da due soldi. La sua esperienza e i suoi archivi saranno i materiali indispensabili per questa scrittura……
BlackBoxDavid Liver & Jonathan Frigeri
Language: italiano
Tags: advertising vs. poem
Year: 2017

link project


Radio documentary

Initially the popularity of tape-recorders as an underground music-recording format was not related in any form to a fascination with the specific aesthetics of the medium, but simply with its function. The decision to buy a cassette rather than a vinyl was a decision based on relative convenience, since sound quality is actively sacrificed in favour of portability and compactness – and these are benefits for which the cassette has no relevant claim at the moment, while an iPod is doing the same thing exponentially more effectively. Can we go beyond the idea of a cultural nostalgia and that the tape is just cool and find an engaged or artistic justification for its return?

Voice of Aymeric de Tapol about Tape Culture, Lobait – Wild Party, Voice of Johnny Haway about Zonoff, Felix Kubin – Blouson en soie, Francisco Meirino – A possibility, Davide Cascio & Oliver Scharpf – A mantra for house plants, Valentina Pini & Micha Seidenberg – OCD, Èlg – Capitain Present, Henry Deletra – El Encuentro, Gilles Aubry – Under the Ahwach Moon, Simone Grab – Braincast, Ceel Mogami de Haas – The age of the reindeer, Joke Lanz – Musica per la radio, Voice of Joke Lanz about Tape Culture, Jealousy Party – Inno, Voice of Francesco Cavaliere about Tape Culture, Scanner – Waves, Voice of Tzii about Tape Culture, Floris Vanhoof – Squeak, Voice of ZamZam about Tape Culture, ZamZam & Radio Picnic – Graft
wildtapeLength: 82min
Languages: French, English
Tags: geneva, tape culture, zonoff
Year: 2021


Un projet radiophonique documentaire et musical de Jonathan Frigeri et Maxime Lacôme. La composition musicale a été entièrement créée à partir de sons domestiques collectés chez les habitants, du quartier qui ont ouvert leur porte pour nous faire partager leur son de prédilection, favori ou redouté. Cette approche vise à mettre en relation les sons de l’espace intime et la potentielle musicalité qui en découle. A l’issue de la collecte, les sons sont agencés pour créer une composition musicale qui sera réintroduite à l’intérieur des foyers par le biais des ondes radios. Ces sons intimes sont devenue, le temps d’une émission, une ouvre sonore collective.
Une production: BNA BBOT Brussels
Length: 45’min
Language: french
Tags: radio art, music, documentary
Year: 2018


Le matin n’existe pas
Avec Tonton Roger et Les Anciens Zaico
Afrika Moto est un établissement situé à 50 mètres des abattoirs d’Anderlecht à Bruxelles.
Depuis 1994 la diaspora Congolaise se retrouve tout les vendredi et samedi pour y écouter de la musique live……
afrikamoto-nightUn reportage de Andrea Marioni et Jonathan Frigeri
Length: 51’min
Language: french, lingala
Tags: afrika moto, congo belge, live music
Year: 2016



An hour long dive in the DIY cassette culture of Brussels, sometimes even crossing its border, to discover some shiny pearls on the muddy bottom, grabbed by mechanical octopi tentacles and bitten by harsh noisy teeth on the way back up. Jonathan and Kim are 2 cultural entrepreneurs that emigrated to the European capital chaos some years ago to nestle in that vibrant scene like pigs in the glitter mud by organizing events, residencies and radio emissions. Oh, and a tape label (IKI GAGA).

Radio show for the Papiripar Festival 2021

Length: 60 min
Languages: English, some French
Tags: tape culture, brussels
Year: 2021


La musique des cavernes
Dans les grottes de Borgio et de Bassura, grottes de Jeita, grotte de Luray, grotte Chauvet….

Un reportage de Jonathan Frigeri
Length: 63’min
Language: french
Tags: cave, sound, musique
Year: 2015


GAML – Rehearsal in the studio
Pot gamelan ensemble
Recorded live 19.12.2017 in Brussels

Un reportage de Jonathan Frigeri
Length: 6o’min
Language: english
Tags: gamelan experimental, pot, rehearsal live
Year: 2017


Un percorso sonoro alla scoperta dei musicisti che la storia ha dimenticato. Speciale Italia anni 70. Questa trasmissione non è concepita necessariamente per soddisfare le aspettative degli ascoltatori, ma piuttosto con lo scopo di educare i loro gusti e ampliare i loro orizzonti musicali.
Transmesso durante il festival Gwenstival sur radio Gwen a Chiasso (svizzera)
Maggio 2012

Rubrica a cura di Jonathan Frigeri
Length: 6o’min
Language: italiano
Tags: musica italiana dimenticata (anni 70)
Year: 2012