Jonathan Frigeri

Drive in Radio

This project is about the exploration of places; the ritual in part forgotten and the new one that aggregates “different communities” (the young, the old, those who left, those who returned, those who never left). The inhabitants of a small village in South Italy are invited to come with their car in the central square of the village where a live radio show is broadcasted troughs an FM emitter. The sound and the voice of the show come out exclusively from the loudspeaker of each car, every spectator became a part of the show, became a speaker. The radio show, composed with the participation of a writer and another sound artist, is about stories related to the point of view of the audience when is seated on the car. It is about collective memories and disappearances, beliefs and ghosts.


Location: Satriano di Lucania – Basilicata – IT
Event: Matera 2019 Capitale della Cultura
Material: FM Emitter, Radio Station, Van
Date: Sept.2019
Authors: Jonathan Frigeri (art director), Andrea Semplici (text), Klaas Hübner (voice), Daniel Kemeny (coordination), Stefano Cuzzocrea (coordination)
Tag: #Live Radio Show #Performance #Music