Jonathan Frigeri

Radio Producer

Jonathan Frigeri is the artistic director of the International Institut for Research on Radio and Magic. The International Institute for Radio and Magic Research (IIRRM) is concerned with finding imaginary solutions on the borderline between technology and magic. It is particularly interested in exceptions, since it is the anomaly that drives ideas forward. With an approach that is both rigorous and open, free from any pre-existing doctrine or model, IIRRM aims to re-establish an ecology of meaning through alternative thinking and study to the dominant cultural movements.



Jonathan Frigeri is running the residency for creative radio called Radio Picnic focusing on experimental radio formats. Radio Picnic is an international platform dedicated to collaboration between artists from various background focusing on the medium radio. Radio Picnic is a laboratory for ideas and people, a crossroad where new ideas blend and where radio is used as art.
Radio Picnic is collaborating with Resonance Extra in UK, Radio Campus in Belgium, 88vier in Germany, Radio Arte Mobile in Italy and Laptopradio in Switzerland.
Supported by Pro Helvetia and Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture.