Jonathan Frigeri

On Air

The music on the radio is background and must support an existing structure and leave space for discussion, other sounds, other sound events. Une musique d’habillement that is not invasive and that allows other things to exist.
The radio imposes a passive aspect of listening, unlike the cd or the vinyl, which requires us to be operators in addition to listeners. The music that comes out of the radio does not depend on our will, we can only decide to listen or not to listen, but the listening in itself largely preserves the characteristic of an event whose programming is entirely under our control. It is the music that comes to us and not us who go to the music.


Location: Tennis Champagne, Biel
Event: Lumpen Station – Radio Residence
Date: June 2019
Authors: Jonathan Frigeri
Producer: Espace Libre
Tag: #Music for radio #Performance