Jonathan Frigeri


Jonathan Frigeri is a sound/radio artist, performer and electronic music producer or in a more unconventional definition he is a speleologist artist and psychic engineer working between art and technology. He tries to use technology with a lo-fi approach in order to reveal critical thinking through a poetic perfume. The media are peeled off and questioned in their communicative, social and philosophical functions. Pushing the borders and limits of a possible reality in order to see and hear behind the curtains and to deal with the space in between, between here and there.

As sound artist he is mainly interested in revealing a hidden layers of reality by underlining sounds we don’t usually pay attention to, a practice that explore the relation of sound as a door that opens imaginative space.
On his work for radio he tends to incorporate on the creative process, the radio device and the space between the transmitter and the receiver. Radio art is a set of parameters which have to deal also with the space in between, between here and there. Its range from experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces to documentaries and radio sculpture. He have a regular show on PiRadio Berlin 88.4MHz, Radio Campus Brussels 92.1MHz and  Resonance Extra in UK. Along with his radio works Frigeri’s practice encompasses music performance, publications, soundtracks, installations, music for dance, jingles for radio, sound ambient for radio dramas and releases on tape and CD.
Under the pseudonym, Johnny Haway, he creates a hybrid music genre from live acts to dj performances. The collage of unrelated sounds is a dominant presence in his works.

He is the founding director of the Institute for Research on Radio and Magic (IIRRM) which is dedicated to finding imaginary solutions at the frontier between technology and magic. He is running the residency for creative radio called Radio Picnic focusing on experimental radio formats. Radio Picnic is an international platform dedicated to collaboration between artists from various background focusing on the medium radio.
He is the founding director of Zonoff, a non-profit organization that promotes different art languages through radio shows, publications and events. Inside this organization he run a micro artist label, releasing unconventional music on tape and mp3. Zonoff aim is to develop network in virtual and in real life.

He is behind several collective projects such as Calle Record, Music Hole, LapTopRadio, Colaboradio.
His works have been present at Matadero in Madrid, MACRO in Rome, La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, Kunst Museum in Luzern, Errant Bodies in Berlin, Station in Beirut, Bethanien in Berlin.

Between 2010 and 2015 he taught radio art at HEAD Geneva (workshop and listening session) and co-coordinated a radio summer lab called Wonderlust, a project of common learning and unlearning. Between 2014 and 2016 he co-coordinated Radio Tramontana, a radio experimentation in the specific context of cultural exchange between Italy and Switzerland (bando culturale Viavai – ProHelvetia)
Since 2017 is involved in A-Side an historical research of music and sound made by artists. A-Side is an HES research project related with Work Master at HEAD Geneva.

Graduated in Fine Art at École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Geneva, Multi Media Engineer School in Lausanne, Audio & Video Electronic in Lugano, short internship at IRCAM in Paris. Listener at University of Brussels on History of theater and performance.