Jonathan Frigeri

Belvédère Sonore Brussels

Belvédère Sonore is an imaginary structure built to take full advantage of the wind blowing through the pines or as a gazebo erected to enjoy the murmur of a fountain. During their residency at Q-O2, Jonathan Frigeri and Eric Desjeux have created music for three sculptures located in the city of Brussels, around the Place Sainte-Catherine. The presentation consists of a collective walk to experience the music in-situ.
The music for the sculptures will be broadcasted trough an FM emitter.

In the old Notions on music  attributed to Confucius we can read:“The emergence of any musical tune originates from the heart of man and the shaking of man’s heart is a effect produced by external realities.”

The presence of music allows us to have a different perspective on the reality of things.
Music and landscape are both oriented towards sensitivity, that is, the senses and affectivity of those who pay attention. When a music or a landscape “speaks” to us, it is not really a language which carries a precise meaning, but rather a meaning immanent to the perception. Musicality is therefore not exclusive to music, but is also found in the poetic and landscape experience, both linked to the same resonance.

It is for this reason that we offer a sound walk because it lies at the border between poetic, ecological and spiritual act. The walk is a practice, an act that strongly connects us to the world. Starting to walk is not only a privileged and immediate relationship with our environment, but also a strong civic act, a way of finding, living and sharing a public space.


Location: Q-O2 – Brussels
Event: Résidence de création
Material: FM Emitter, Trolly, Radio Receiver, Mask
Date: Sept.2020
Authors: Jonathan Frigeri & Erik Desjeux
Tag: #Live Radio Show #Performance #Music #Walk