Jonathan Frigeri

Ritual Lecture

The real ritual is related to a liminal experience. It is an experience that is usually happening on the border of two worlds, two dimensions, two spaces. You are living something that is bringing you outside of your normal existence and changing your status or your belief forever. This is one of the paradigms to create a real ritual and the radio is already such a thing. You are already in a liminal state. You are between here and there, between the voice that is speaking to you from elsewhere and the place where you are as you are listening. You already have a connection with something that is elsewhere.

Radio is one of the most powerful and appropriate extensions of the human nervous system, it is a direct connection and a private experience but in reality it is a subliminal resonant room. From the subliminal deepness of the radio comes this Echo, an echo that has the power to transform the society in a unique reverberant room or a reverberant cave. We can approach the theory of the radio with a speleological perspective and perceive the radio as “the cave of the imaginary”.

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Location: Q-O2, Brussels
Event: Interface
Material: Radio, Loop Antenna, Crystal Radio, Tape, Pick Up
Date: October.2018
Authors: Jonathan Frigeri
Tag: #Radio Magic #Performance #Lecture