Jonathan Frigeri

The matter of the radio

The product of this research is a performance / conference in which ideas are shared with the public. We can situate these divagations of thought, in a hybrid form, halfway between the fantastic tale, a scientific experiment, a history of ideas around the radio medium and a gradual transition to the occult. A ritual is set up to give the listeners an unprecedented experience of hypnosis, magic, witchcraft, and go on to progress towards a more collective form of communion.


It is in this space, of nothing, between the place of diffusion and the place of reception, that this story is formulated. An intangible space in which it can be accessed through hearing, a place of acousmatic listening, of absence and obliteration, a negation from which something else can emerge through the incitement of sound imagery. It is a place, but also a non-place, a space of location, but also of de-location, because it is not constrained to any topographical or architectural situation and it is able to create its own temporality. Here we are in another space, a heterotopy. Link to video

Location: Q-O2, Brussels
Event: Interface
Material: Radio, Loop Antenna, Crystal Radio, Tape, Pick Up
Date: October.2018
Authors: Jonathan Frigeri
Tag: #Radio Magic #Performance #Lecture

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