Jonathan Frigeri

Altered states of objects

This is an orchestra where each object connected to a transducer becomes a loudspeaker, each of which has its own sound identity, its unique voice.
In reality the object becomes more than a loudspeaker, it becomes an instrument into itself and not just an instrument of reproduction.
 An attempt to revisit the aural component of different materials; suspending objects in a state between a diffuser and a sound source in itself.

A sound field (like a forest or a city) where disparate sound are regrouped into one aural frame.

  • Aso-Panormica
  • Aso-Objects

The “objet sonore” is not to mistake with the “corps sonore”, where a sound fact (fait sonore) provide a considerable sound diversity and alters the identity of the objects itself. The border between the sound fact (reality) and psychogeniques sound of dreams and hallucinations is suspended and blurred. Link to video
music-note-sound-512 Link to music

Location: QO-2 Brussels
Event: Outcome Residence
Date: 17.09.2016
Authors: Jonathan Frigeri & Elenora Polato
Tag: #Theater #Improvisation #Sound Sculpture #Founded Objects