Jonathan Frigeri


Radio/Sound Workshop
Festival Oscillation—on sound’s nature – Brussels 2019

What could radio be, other than a propagator of information? In this workshop, radio is conceived as a creative tool, a medium, by which to enter into the dream zone. Radio is the liminal space between “here” and “there” and it has the power to reach our subconscious. The exploration of the electromagnetic fields and radio phenomena has a subversive potential to destabilize certain processes of a mass-media system. In referring to Gaston Bachelard (the right to dream), Marshall McLuhan, and Gregory Whitehead, the workshop will be started by an introduction, and will lead to a series of practical exercises, with an attempt to transpose those dream states into a short piece of radio.


Radio Summer School
Geneva and around
During Summer 2013 Wonderlust offers 10 days between the lake of Geneva and the Ticino with a group of motivated people bringing in their current fields of research, the reflections on questions they are working on. This unique program renders possible to collaboratively work with internationally renowned artists, authors and curators in an atmosphere of trust. We aim to make possible surprising encounters and exchanges, discussions in an open, free and stimulating structure in a motivating context. Wonderlust wants to provide a rich, well-supported environment for organic and unforeseeable events to occur,  for pooling knowledge, developing forms of attention but also for sharing uncertainties and exploring instabilities.
A project of common learning and unlearning.


Radio Workshop
Kunstraum Kreuzberg Berlin
Option Construction‘s students from the HEAD Geneva 2013

Réalisations et diffusion de pièces radiophoniques constituant un programme radio sur une thématique commune; la dérive comme passage du « microscopique » au « macroscopique », du proche au lointain, de l’intérieur à l’extérieur. Les participant-e-s sont libres de choisir et de travailler avec n’importe quelle forme qu’ils pensent la plus appropriée; field recordings, sons trouvés, enregistrements, sons électroniques/magnétiques, expérimentation vocal, sculpture sonore, happening, multi-canal, art sonore, le bruit, la musique …