Jonathan Frigeri

Augmented reality

In the every day life there are dimensions that are unperceived, due to several reasons, some are the absence of a contemplative time, the absence of revealing and exaltation tools. These dimensions can be revealed through media or events.

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By introducing well know music from film in a determinate reality the perception of the same reality change.
As Brandon Labelle analyze on the opening scene of the movie Saturday Night Fever, where John Travolta walks through the city of New York accompanied by the music of the Bee Gees, the body of the actor reaches a full harmony with the city and becomes part of the cityscape thanks to a musical rhythm that supports the desires and the fantasies of the character.
In this case is clear that the music brings an emotional and psychic power to the daily ritual, and reveals the hidden forces.

Location: Several public space in Berlin
Date: 2013
Author: Jonathan Frigeri
Tag: #Soundtrack #Augmented Reality #Jukebox #Public Space #Music Film