Jonathan Frigeri

The matter of radio

Radio is one of the most powerful and appropriate extensions of the human nervous system, it is a direct connection and a private experience but in reality it is a subliminal resonant room. From the subliminal deepness of the radio comes this Echo, an echo that has the power to transform the society in a unique reverberant room or a reverberant cave. We can approach the theory of the radio with a speleological perspective and perceive the radio as “the cave of the imaginary”.

This liminal connection allows a deep engagement of the people bringing them in the heterotopia, a suspended space. A space close to the memory and dream.
If speleology tries to map the cave, radio tries to map the unconscious of the human being, consequently the radio artist should be seen as a psychic engineer who allows people to reach a state of daydream.

Who knows what could be elucidated in the light of the torch of the radio?


Location: La Bellone House of performing art – Brussels
Event: Résidence de création
Material: FM Emitter, Radio receiver, Looper, Loop Antenna, Radio Galena, Video, Smoke Machine, Light, Reel to reel, Plasma Lamp, Effects
Date: Oct.2019
Authors: Jonathan Frigeri
Tag: #Live Radio Show #Performance #Music #Magic

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